Camera development (development of the detection environment)

Depending on the requirements or application, we develop suitable acquisition systems based on photogrammetry or integrate existing systems such as LASER scanning into our work environment. We work very closely with partners in Berlin and Vienna.

Different sensor components are required for a wide range of tasks in art and cultural businesses. Depending on the task, these areas can have completely different designs. However, the systems on the market were developed primarily for other requirements. Art and culture is a very small area in the entire requirement profile. For example, one of the largest suppliers of LASER scanners (FARO) is actually from tunneling technology. For this reason, it was obvious to develop these sensor components (cameras, scanner units, transport rails) optimized for the respective task / requirement and adapt them to the workflow.

Since 2006 intensive cooperation with Schönbrunn Betriebsgesellschaft m.b.H. and TU Vienna (IPF). Objective: To find ways to digitization and to check affordability.

  • no digitization standards on the market
  • numerous providers of scanning services
  • expensive solutions, since very laborious
  • the quality of digitization is insufficient for many tasks
  • solutions are usually designed for classical surveyors
  • offered digitization solutions are very hardware dependent
  • no EDP structures for digitized data in cultural institutions available (filing, archiving, maintenance)
  • rarely infrastructure in the facilities available to view or analyze data
  • mostly by service providers only point clouds produced (only after complex revision for other applications available, are often too inaccurate)